Carrie Furnaces
September 2
Noon — 7 p.m.

The fun will sizzle and pop this Saturday as you forge metal, and history, at the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark site in Rankin.

Presented by Rivers of Steel, the all-ages Festival of Combustion will showcase hot art making processes — from glass flame working to ceramics to metal fabrication — in a carnival-style setting.

Stand where 1,250 tons of iron were produced daily in the 1930s as you discover the next generation of metal makers. Design your own glass mosaic, fire a ceramic vase and watch live welding demonstrations. Take a mini-tour of the furnaces, stroll through the urban garden and enjoy live music by The Seams.

See artists cast molten iron at 2,500 degrees, and join pewter sand casting workshops. Watch blacksmiths create custom-forged souvenir medallions, and fuel up with fare from Iron Oven Catering, Wings and a Prayer and Voodoo Brewing.

New this year will be dazzling performances by the CoffinBox Sideshow Team, featuring sword swallowing, fire breathing and carnival demonstrations.

Admission is free for children under 18. Buy tickets.

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