Multiple Choice
Lara Woolfson / Studio Nouveau.

August Wilson Center
April 7

For many of us, the words “multiple choice” might conjure cringe-worthy memories of stressful standardized tests, bureaucratic forms and more. But what if multiple choice actually meant a fabulous night out with you in the driver’s seat determining your destiny for world-class performance and entertainment? That means: [A] See a show; [B] Attend a party; [C] Grab dinner from food trucks; or better yet: [D] All of the above.

If you’re craving more options for experiencing cutting-edge culture, then The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s new Multiple Choice series is for you. Rolled out in 2016, the eclectic series presents diverse arts programming via fresh new formats and rotating themes and mediums—from electrifying live monster fighting to legendary hip-hop performances to edgy standup comedy.

Next up for Multiple Choice is this weekend’s Craft Theater Edition showSh!tfaced Shakespeare.

You think you really know The Bard? Think again—and prepare to experience William Shakespeare with a wild and inventive, 21st-century twist.

Multiple Choice
Lara Woolfson / Studio Nouveau.

The side-splitting production will blend a thoughtfully abbreviated adaption of Shakespeare’s popular comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with a “genuinely drunken professional actor.” What this means is that the theater troupe—which is based in the U.K. and Boston—will randomly select one cast member to “get drunk and then attempt to perform the play as scripted.”

This we have to see to believe.

Sure, the Elizabethan era could certainly be bawdy—and Shakespeare was not shy about tackling controversial themes and corrupt characters in his iconic plays—but this is Puck, Hermia, Demetrius and Lysander like you’ve never seen, or heard, them before.

Follow all of the drama, plot twists and mishaps that unfold when four young Athenian lovers and six amateur actors encounter forest fairies and adventure. The brave cast features Mac Young, Brett Milanowski, Laura Sullivan, Marcus Hunter, Josephine Elwood and Cam Cronin.

Described as “juxtaposing highbrow Shakespeare with raucous theatrics,” the production will revive and reinvent the interactive, vibrant and timeless qualities inherent in Elizabethan theater. The company also aims to inspire new generations of theater-goers to discover some of the world’s most significant English language masterworks.

Multiple Choice
Lara Woolfson / Studio Nouveau.

Starting at 9 p.m., wash it all down at the post-show “crAfter party” featuring handmade libations and hands-on making. Sample tasty flagship and session beers from Millvale-based Grist House Craft Brewery, while helping construct a cardboard city that will be destroyed as part of the next Multiple Choice event on June 24, Versus Edition featuring Kaiju Big Battel.

Attendees will have access to the event’s Food Truck Roundup, which will be open throughout the evening, and will feature fare from Pittsburgh Sandwich Society, PGH HALAL TRUCK and Franktuary.

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