Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Through summer 2018
Various times

How are humans impacting the planet? How are we all connected to nature? What evidence of human activities will be found in fossil records millions of years from now?

These profound and pressing questions are the focus of a first of its kind exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. An emerging topic addressed by museums, scientists and scholars around the world, the fascinating exhibit looks at significant intersections of science, culture, humanity and nature.

Examining the Anthropocene as a geological era and a cultural concept, We Are Nature features touch-screen interactives, in-gallery activities, complementary public programs and a special introductory entrance.

Examine taxidermy birds and mammals culled from the museum’s “hidden collections,” and wander through a human diorama to contemplate the impact that our everyday lives have on complex and fragile ecosystems.

View coal and slag specimens that connect to Pittsburgh’s industrial history, and encounter objects that tell stories about climate change, pollution, extinction and habitat alteration.

Explore one of the museum’s oldest collections kept in The Alcohol House, and cast your vote on the next “celebrity animal extinction.”

Hear inspiring stories about how humans are repairing ecosystems and find out how you can help make a positive impact.

Jennifer BaronArts & Entertainment / Jobs Editor

Jennifer has worked at the Mattress Factory, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Dahesh Museum of Art and is co-author of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania. She also is co-coordinator of Handmade Arcade. Musically, she is in a band called The Garment District and is a founding member of Brooklyn's The Ladybug Transistor.