Couples can share a visit to the soothing Himalayan salt room at Revitalize wellness spa. Photo courtesy of Revitalize.

Take a trip just a little outside the city to Tarentum for a dazzling date at the Wagman Observatory. The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh organizes star parties where you can use their equipment to admire the sky and find constellations. Have your own telescope? Bring it! Check their website for a calendar of upcoming stargazing events and how to participate.

Get groovy with a jazz night

Have a soul session with your sweetheart at a jazz show hosted by Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (MGC). MCG has been celebrating the history of jazz in Pittsburgh since 1987, yet still remains a hidden gem on Pittsburgh’s North Side. Its 350-seat venue doesn’t have a single bad view and is the perfect place to bring a music lover. Visit their website for a calendar of shows and to purchase tickets.

Find your rhythm

Do a little dance with your date at any of the four Arthur Murray Dance Studios located in and around Pittsburgh. They offer a variety of dance classes from the waltz to the foxtrot to the country/western two-step. Worried that your moves aren’t worth the money? They have a complimentary first lesson that will convince you otherwise. Visit their website to schedule your free first class.

Or try Los Sabrosos Dance Co. for sexy salsa lessons. They also offer one-hour ballroom dancing drop-in classes for just $15.

Allegheny Cemetery. Photo by Francesca Dabecco.

Stroll along the perfect promenade

While a walk along Mt. Washington is surely a sight to see, get creative and take your date for the perfect stroll in some of Pittsburgh’s overlooked spots — like Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville. Yes, we are suggesting you take your date to a graveyard. Cemeteries don’t have to be scary or even morbid, and this one is full of antique headstones, rolling hills and mature, towering trees. Take an inspiring walk and then head across Penn Avenue to Apteka for some cocktails and the best vegan pierogies you’ve ever tasted.

If you’d rather take a romantic walk in a place that’s a little more — well, alive — wander together through the Mexican War Streets. You’ll find cute quirks and beautiful accents in each Victorian rowhouse, plus a community garden you can walk through in the summer and the iconic Randyland public art house that’s colored with cheer. Be sure to stop at Commonplace Coffee for a cozy cup as you wander along.

And if you want to add a longer, scenic route to your North Side excursion, just across the street is Allegheny Commons Park, known as the oldest park in Pittsburgh (back when the area was known as Allegheny City). The old canopy of trees and wide walking paths make for a great spot to stroll and hold hands.

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Francesca Dabecco

Francesca Dabecco is a Pittsburgh-based writer who strives to tell stories in the most interesting, innovative and inspiring formats.