Game board night at Looking for Group. Photo courtesy Looking for Group.

Looking For Group

Where: Brookline

924 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh PA 15226

How much: A $40 membership gets you access on Mondays with other days at $15 each. A $125 membership provides 24/7 access for a month.

Why: Combining a video game lounge with shared workspaces might seem atypical, but it works at this neighborhood spot in Brookline.

StartUptown, which has merged with Revv to create Avenu. Photo by Brian Conway.


Where: Various sites, Uptown-Oakland corridor

Main office: 1936 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh PA 5219

How much: Flexible leasing options are available.

Why: A merger of Revv and Start Uptown, Avenu is an incubator for start-ups and a space for innovators. Workspaces are available for individuals and businesses.


Where: Lawrenceville

4327 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

How much: Catapult operates on the honor system, but its suggested rates are $10 for a day pass, $35 for a week’s pass and flexible desks at $75 per month.

Why: Free parking, 24-hour access, and a generous spirit — there’s actually a cash jar for anyone who doesn’t want to pay online or can’t afford the entire fee. Catapult prides itself on welcoming all who need a place to work.

The Global Switchboard offices.

The Global Switchboard

Where: Lawrenceville

305 34th St., Pittsburgh PA 15201

How much: Individual memberships start at $150 per year.

Why: The Global Switchboard welcomes all, but especially those who advocate for global engagement. Amenities include storage space and access to The Global Switchboard network.


Where: Downtown

US Steel Tower, 600 Grant St., Pittsburgh PA 15219

How much: Membership plans start at $500 per month

Why: ProSuites2’s location in the US Steel Tower provides access to the city’s business community. Amenities include free refreshments, on-site managers, soundproof conference rooms, and great views from Pittsburgh’s tallest building.

Work Hard Pittsburgh

Where: Allentown

744 E. Warrington Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15210

How much: Work Hard is currently not accepting new members; when available, memberships start at $45.

Why: An incubator for small businesses, Work Hard Pittsburgh actively promotes its member freelancers, who specialize in media and technology.