These young people will decide which issues need attention and how they wish to express themselves and push for change.

The collaboration with 1Hood, Baxter says, will bring “fresh perspectives and totally different connections” to the work that Allies for Children had been doing on behalf of young people in the Pittsburgh area.

The other 16 funded projects also prioritize collaboration and fruitful partnerships that aim to benefit as many learners, families and educators as possible. Swanson says this approach and the remarkable possibilities that may grow from it could be groundbreaking.

Working with “a ton of diverse stakeholders.” Spitballing about the future without the boundaries of fiscal restrictions. And having the money to start building what they’re thinking about. Those are the principles at the heart of this endeavor.

“That is really uncommon,” Swanson says. “That spirit of experimentation was something that I’ve never encountered before.”

Plans are now brewing to potentially make similar moonshot opportunities more widely available across the Pittsburgh region in the coming year. In the meantime, visit Remake Learning to learn more about these 17 grant recipients and their newly funded initiatives.

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