They recently added a new and exciting program called move | FIT, which combines gymnastics, animal flow (think: movement with both hands and feet on the ground) and parkour (think: obstacle course training) to teach the body to move more efficiently and create a more stable you.

The approach places importance on the body’s basic, natural movements. Through these movements, we gain flexibility, prevent injury, build strength and improve skill.

Coming from someone who has tried the basic | FIT program, it will change the way you see fitness. Not convinced? Pittsburgh FIT offers a free introductory class.

Wolfpack Boxing Club. Photo by Erica Gidley for NEXTpittsburgh.

Wolfpack Boxing Club. Photo by Erica Gidley for NEXTpittsburgh.

Wolfpack Boxing Club

1000 Gregg St., Carnegie: 412-335-2419

Channel your inner Manny Pacquiao while burning up to 1,000 calories in one of the Boxing Circuit classes, open to all levels, at Wolfpack Boxing Club. Or, leave your desk and challenge yourself to a 45-minute, 12-Round Lunch Workout.

Wolfpack Boxing, the city’s largest boxing club, opened its doors in 1994 with the mission to offer professional boxing workouts that include punching the heavy bag, shadow boxing in the ring and mastering the speed bag.

Intro Sessions teach participants the basics of amateur boxing. Move on up to Basics, get the real boxing experience in Intermediate and test yourself in Advanced. The club is perfect for any athlete looking to cross-train in a sport that requires speed, hand-eye coordination and endurance.

And, ladies: if you sign up for Wolfpack Boxing’s introductory boxing class and bring a friend with you, you get a free class.

Wolfpack Boxing Club also hosts Golden Gloves Tournaments twice per year where their fight team challenges fighters from gyms across the tri-state region. The event attracts over 300 people – look for the next tournament in November.

At Shape. Photo by Erica Gidley .

At Shape. Photo by Erica Gidley .

Shape Training

5877 Commerce St., East Liberty: 412-996-5016

Shape Training’s dynamic training atmosphere melds the best of the fitness worlds under one roof: heavy bag boxing, suspension training and high-intensity cycling.

Work out with one of their experienced personalized trainers or in a class. The boxing class is an all-out assault on your very own 100-pound bag along with sprints, sit-ups, jumping jacks and more. Shape Training provides the gloves and hand wraps, so all you have to do is show up.

And, forget everything you know about the bikes at your traditional gym – the RealRyder cycle actually moves by tilting and leaning. Feel the burn during this intense one-hour class. Or, get a full body workout using these cycles and the Surge 360, a machine that combines total body strength and conditioning, in their new Versus class.

Shape Training goes beyond helping their clients get into shape – they are also committed to giving back to the community, holding multiple events throughout the year that benefit groups such as Autism Speaks, Girls Hope of Pittsburgh and the international organization Tweedside Community Foundation in Jamaica. To name a few.

Got enough to get you moving for now? There’s more we haven’t mentioned, so if you have a recommendation, let us know in the comments below.