Goat Rodeo cheese

Pennsylvania is a major dairy state, but the cheesemakers tend to tilt toward the eastern end of the Commonwealth. A big exception is Goat Rodeo, one of the best. Their Hootenanny goat’s milk gouda made from spring and summer milk with notes of hickory and wildflowers recently won second place from the American Cheese Society. This Allison Park dairy’s cheese — from a herd of more than 100 goats — can be found at dozens of local grocers, restaurants and breweries from Altius to Whole Foods. Their goat’s milk cheese absorbs the terroir of Western PA’s pastures to perfection. Favorites include the rich, nutty Cowboy Coffee — hand-rubbed with Commonplace Coffee Perpetual Blend Espresso — and Chickabiddy, a goat’s milk cheese with hints of mushrooms, wildflowers and white peppers, with a crumbly center and white bloomy rind.

Goat Rodeo cheese.

Parma Sausage

The Strip has no shortage of sausage sellers. But Parma Sausage Products, a fifth-generation purveyor of Italian meats, is the best-in-class when it comes to tubular meats. There’s peppered Old World-styled Coteghino pork skin sausage, spicy Sicilian Sausage laden with fennel seeds, black and red pepper, plus coppa secca, soppressata, pancetta and Genoa salami, and many, many more. Enjoy.


Are energy bars food? Like, should you eat them instead of a meal? Probably not. But you certainly can … and the best tasting ones on the market happen to be made in Pittsburgh. NuGo uses real dark chocolate (which should be the only chocolate) instead of that weird waxy stuff you usually get from the national brands. The Mint Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt flavors of NugoDark are actually delicious enough to devour as a satisfying dessert.  

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