How many times have you sued the Trump administration? How many of those have been victories?

It’s about two dozen. (We’ve won) nearly every single one. One has been remanded. I’d consider that one still pending. We haven’t lost.

Can the fracking industry be regulated in Pennsylvania to protect citizens’ health? Why is this so difficult? 

We are in the midst of an ongoing massive investigation of the fracking industry here in Pennsylvania. I can’t comment on what will come in the future, but I can tell you that through the criminal charges that we’ve already brought against multiple fracking companies — some of which they’ve already plead to — and the grand jury report which made recommendations to change the laws here in Pennsylvania to help better protect our communities.

I believe this is an important issue to focus on, and I will. Our state Constitution guarantees, under Article 1, Section 27, Pennsylvanians the right to clean air and pure water. I take that constitutional right very seriously. If anyone undermines that constitutional right, whether a fracking company or someone else, we’re going to hold them accountable.

Your teenage son went viral by making an unexpected cameo during one of your interviews.

I didn’t realize he was over my shoulder. When I completed the interview, I saw him kind of scurry out from across the room. And I wondered why he was there. I jumped on another interview, and it wasn’t until after I completed that one that he had a bit of a viral moment.

He (Jonah) took it in stride and is an amazing kid. I thought it was really funny.

These are such dark and difficult times. Is there anything that gives you hope right now?

A lot gives me hope. The fact that a record number of people came out and were engaged in our democracy, to pick not just the next President, but the next Attorney General, congressmen, state representative. It showed that people still do care about civic life and our politics. Now it’s up to the people who are elected to govern, to listen to the people and to act on their behalf.

So the people give me hope. The random acts of kindness I see every day in the midst of a pandemic. The ways in which survivors who I’ve met along the way are counseling other survivors … The moms that banded together because they’ve lost their sons to opioid addiction, and now want to help other families not suffer the same pain. That sort of stuff gives me hope every day. I’m proud to have a role protecting those people, and finding the good in our community.