Jason Cercone of Breaking Brews understands that the world of local craft beer can be difficult to navigate for novices. “I decided to launch my blog one night at the Beer Market before a Pirates game. A guy came in and was irate that he couldn’t get a Bud Light. He made me realize that there are tons of people out there who don’t know what craft beer is, why it’s better and where they can get it.”

Jason started a handy section on his blog entitled Craft Beer Spotlight in March of this year. Updated on the first of every month, it features a local craft brewery or bar. “It’s my favorite part of my blog because I get to meet with the people behind the beers and the businesses that support them. I also get to make craft beer accessible to everyone in our city.”

Jason is also the mastermind behind the soon-to-be-launched Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network. “I will be building on the mission of Breaking Brews by giving bars, restaurants, breweries, distributors and wholesalers a unified platform to promote and advertise their events. The website will feature a daily calendar of events, tappings, happy hours and more. The idea is to keep the focus on craft beer year-round.” The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network has a tentative launch date in late September or early October.

Looking for other local craft beer blogs? Check out Pittsburgh Beer GuyPennies, Pints, and Pittsburgh and Should I Drink That? Also, on a somewhat related note, check out Pittsburgh Happy Hour.


Hugh Twyman of HughShows. Photo by Randy Jarosz (Sound Scene Express)

Should I buy tickets to this concert?

Much like the craft beer world, Pittsburgh’s independent music scene is also experiencing extraordinary growth. With a huge number of shows each week, it can be tough to answer the question, “Should I buy tickets to this concert?”

Hugh Twyman of the blog HughShows could be considered the “Godfather” of the Pittsburgh indie music blogging scene. He started his blog in the summer of 2004 in order to capture photographs of concerts throughout the city. In 2010, he launched a section called First/Last, which utilizes a standardized nine-question interview for musicians performing in upcoming concerts in the city. “I’ve done over 750 First/Last interviews on my blog with some notable names including Brian Wilson, Mavis Staples and Bruce Hornsby.” These interviews have informed readers about a musician’s influences, as well as helped them determine if they would like to buy tickets to upcoming shows.

Hugh proudly notes, “My blog’s purpose is to spread the word about the amazing artists in our city. I want others to experience the joy that I have felt over and over again in discovering the cool music right here in Pittsburgh. I suppose I met this goal long ago.”

Another great music blog in the city is the Pittsburgh Music Report.


Kristy Brown of Pittsburgh Runner

Should I register for this race?

A quick Google search will reveal a growing number of 5K’s, 10K’s and other foot races in the Pittsburgh region. I ask you, “How does one rationally choose whether to register for a race or not?”

Enter Kristy Brown, 16x marathoner, and founder of the blog, Pittsburgh Runner. Kristy started running marathons in 2008. “After my first marathon, I was hooked. I ran six marathons that first year and even quit smoking,” she says. Now, my long term goal is to run a full and half marathon in all 50 states.” Kristy started Pittsburgh Runner in January of 2013 and it has since become one of the leading running blogs in the city. Her newly created Local Races section promises to be especially useful for other Pittsburgh running enthusiasts.

“I started a Local Races section on my blog in July of this year because I personally like to know a little more about a race before I register. Where is the money going? Is the course measured correctly? What’s the elevation profile? I’ve found that some events are pretty disorganized. Others are overpriced. I want future runners to have firsthand information about a race before they register.”

Kristy also has a comprehensive listing of other local running blogs on her site. Check it out here.


Chancelor Humphrey of Keep Pittsburgh Dope. Photo by Matthew DeSantis

What should I wear today?

To be honest, I was clueless about the developments in the Pittsburgh fashion scene over the past few years until I started researching this article. From Pittsburgh Fashion Week’s glamorous runways, to the emerging street fashion gracing our neighborhoods, Pittsburgh is creating a style all its own. How do I make this relevant to me?  Quite simply, I need some inspiration to help answer the question, “What should I wear today?