Chancelor Humphrey of Keep Pittsburgh Dope is a maverick in the field of Pittsburgh fashion and lifestyle blogging. Formerly owner of the blog “Radio Chumps,” Chancelor recently made the bold and visionary decision to move his blog to Instagram, a social media network with increasing following amongst the young, urban and chic crowd.

Using the hashtag #keeppittsburghdope, Chancelor uses his incredible eye for photography to capture stunning images of stylish people throughout the city. “I capture life (styles); looks that can’t be defined or categorized. It’s how one chooses to express themselves in daily life.”

Unlike many other fashion bloggers, Chancelor does not focus on his own personal style preferences. Instead, he features the wide range of individual tastes throughout Pittsburgh. From the young woman in the South Side wearing tapered denim, to a man in Lawrenceville wearing vintage Wingtips, to an elderly lady in Downtown wearing one-of-a-kind accessories, Chancelor snaps photos of all. “I want people to use my photographs to shape their own sense of style, whatever that may be.”

Within the next couple of months, Chancelor will also be launching an associated photoblog that will feature his many Instagram photos.

Other great fashion blogs in the city include the Duffy Dossier and

John Chamberlin of Ya Jagoff

John Chamberlin of Ya Jagoff. Photo by Tracy Certo

What’s going on with my neighbors?

Pittsburgh has long been considered a “neighborly” place. In fact, the friendliness of the city was a major draw for me when I decided to settle here. I enjoy a city where my question, “What’s going on with my neighbors?” is enthusiastically welcomed. More importantly, I admire a city where the responses reveal that it’s a place filled with interesting, intelligent and creative folk.

John Chamberlin of the blog Ya Jagoff is perhaps one of the friendliest and kindest of Yinzers. He is also a genuinely hilarious observer of human behavior. His blog features not only the ridiculous antics of the city’s “jagoffs,” but also the incredible talent residing here. He started his Yakkin’ with Ya Jagoff video series to profile accomplished Pittsburghers. In his characteristically light-hearted way, John has interviewed many, many influential Pittsburghers, from Mayor Peduto to Randy Gilson to the owners of the famed Oakmont Bakery.

Other local blogs that feature visionary Pittsburghers include the AP Collection and Yinzpiration.

What’s going on with these roads?

My final featured blog is just for fun. Despite repeated attempts, I haven’t been able to identify the author. But since I get a laugh every time I read it, here it is. The author of Pgh Roads: The Nonsensical Roads of Pittsburgh takes a farcical look at a common source of frustration for all Pittsburghers by answering, “What’s going on with these roads?”

As stated in the About section, the blog “is a way to explore the crazy, dangerous, and odd civil engineering decisions made in our fine city.” It features endless tirades about useless stop signs, vast pot holes, the Pittsburgh “wiggle,” bridge “diapers,” and much more. The best part of the Pgh Roads blog? You can tweet your own absurd road observations to the author at @pgh_roads and he or she will investigate and possibly even write about them.

I hope you enjoyed my whirlwind tour of the practical side of the Pittsburgh blogosphere. Got your own favorite? Feel free to add in the comments below. And stay tuned as NEXTpittsburgh continues its commitment to supporting local bloggers through a soon-to-launch “Best Pittsburgh Blogs”section. Feel free to get in touch about that.