On February 15, Marco Cardamone spent 12 hours with Mayor Bill Peduto documenting his day with more than 3700 photos. Then the producer used a technique he calls “FastPhoto Movies,” a process he has been working on for many years which involves taking a great number of photos and using a high-speed video process (similar to time lapse photography), to animate and accelerate their presentation.

The visual result offers a novel form of “moving making,” combining qualities of time-lapse motion and video-like motion with high-resolution photography. Adding music and sound effects helps to create an emotional, narrative form of storytelling.

“It’s a new way of seeing, and a new way of storytelling through photography,” he says.

See for yourself in this unique and fascinating FastPhoto Movie that shows a typical day in the life of our Mayor.

Like what you see? Cardamone will soon be launching FastPhoto Movies as a startup, making the service available to all. We’ll keep you posted.

NEXT staff

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