Growing up in the Mon Valley, I jumped at any opportunity to visit “the city.” My Mom was from the North Side and the stories she told about her childhood seemed magical to me. I will never forget visiting the museums in Oakland on school field trips, seeing a Pirates game at Three Rivers Stadium and taking in the view from the German cemetery on Troy Hill that we would visit each Memorial Day to put flowers on the grave where my grandmother is buried.

I appreciate that my small-town life with its backyard kickball games and visits to the river was special as well. But my dream was to be a Pittsburgh journalist and tell the stories of the city and its people.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to share the things I know about Pittsburgh, discover new reasons to love the city and offer ways to make this a better place for all the people who identify as Pittsburghers.

Over the years I have spent as an editor, I have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of community journalism. That is why I am honored to become the editor of NEXTpittsburgh, which is an indispensable resource for natives and newcomers alike. NEXTpittsburgh holds up the best of what our city has to offer and highlights the people, businesses and organizations that are striving to improve our quality of life.

We are emerging from a pandemic that has taught us many things, including how interconnected we are. We must not forget that lesson as we work to become a place where everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

I’ve considered myself a Pittsburgher my whole life and I’ve watched the city improve as the years have gone by, thanks in part to the efforts of NEXTpittsburgh. I’m proud to join the team dedicated to this community and the highest standards of journalism. They have a bold vision not only about the future of local media but the future of our city.

One of the things I have learned as an editor is to listen to readers in the belief that you are as passionate about the city as I am. So share your stories, your ideas and your feedback to help NEXTpittsburgh and the city we love to grow together. Reach me here.

Brian brings a passion for Pittsburgh, doughnuts and ice cream to his job as editor. His more than 30 years of journalism experience have taught him the importance of community engagement and a sense of humor.