Abjuration Brewing in Stowe Township is a small operation that uses a lot of CNC malts.

“We fairly regularly use their pale ale malt in IPAs to boost the bready flavor and the protein content for that hazy look,” says Dave Hallam, co-owner of Abjuration. “One of the best things about knowing your maltster as a brewer is that you can request custom products and you get to play with unconventional grains. On top of that, they are some of the nicest people I know.”

Last week, Oana Carroll delivered wheat malt to Insurrection AleWorks in Heidelberg. Roughly 20% of the total grain bill for the brewery’s hoppy beers is made with malt from CNC. Insurrection recently produced a hefeweizen and a Kolsch made exclusively with CNC malt.

“Brendan is highly passionate about his craft, which we can appreciate,” says Brad Primozic, head brewer at Insurrection. “It’s nice to see that CNC is expanding their business as all the breweries in town are expanding. It’s a symbiotic relationship. We grow and support based on each other’s work.”

As breweries and distilleries continue to pop up around the region, CNC is happy to take on more business.

The Carrolls have hosted homebrewing groups, members of the Pink Boots Society, random beer geeks and a few Clearfield Township Elementary School graduates who stop by to reminisce. Their memories hang in the air like the scent of local grains and hops.

“That’s the most important thing we do for our community; we offer the brewer and their consumers unique flavors,” Oana Carroll says. “Every variety of barley tastes a little different. We are producing something here you can’t get in Belgium or Germany. It’s the flavor of Pennsylvania.”