Then there was the botanist in the rain — Steve Grund — who went about his merry way with ziplock bags, braving the wet conditions, unlike the reporter. “I was miserable,” she says of her trek with him, but it was worth the slog in the rain. “That was a really cool story.”

Sometimes she felt a special kinship to the people she interviewed, like Tim O’Brien, author of the acclaimed “The Things They Carried.”

“I felt like I was related to him as we talked,” she says and then pauses. “Four decades is a long time to look back at. But I should probably do that.

“There were some columns that will always stand out to me. Maybe one of 20 stories you get that just make you feel: this is why I do this.

What will she miss?

She doesn’t hesitate. “I will miss and remember fondly 1989-2018. Being all together in the newsroom when I was still there. Just finding that gem of a story to tell readers, to connect. I will miss connecting with readers on a regular basis.”

She won’t miss walking into the office every day or having to do yet another story about something she’s already written just because an editor thinks it’s a good idea. Or deadlines.

“I hate deadlines. I don’t like to be rushed. So, of course, I was a newspaper reporter.” She laughs.

“I will only miss what used to be.” That includes the people she worked with over the years, “all those extraordinary journalists and columnists at the Post-Gazette.

“Everything,” she says. “These people are diligent, dogged reporters and writers and I love them and I’ve missed them for the past 10 months.”