Looking into the future, makers and restaurateurs alike say that rather than being a passing trend, these partnerships will ensure that both the city’s food sector and its creative sector will stay healthy and vibrant for decades to come.

“That gives such energy and life to the artistic community,” says Irwin-Scott. “And they feed off each other now.”

This retractable coatrack at the TRYP Hotel was made by Temper and Grit. Photo by Makenzie O’Connor.

Here’s a list of a few of our favorite collaborations:

Spirits & Tales: Flatware rests and server jewelry from Studebaker Metals and steel snack bowls from Transit Forge.

Casbah: Plates from the claySmith studio and candle holders from the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Fl.2: Plates from Reiko Yamamoto and hostess uniforms from Kelly Lane Design.

Gi-Jin (coming soon!): Built-ins by Standard and Custom, plates by FD Pottery and a mural by Jeremy Raymer.

Pie for Breakfast: Furniture and fixtures by Worker Bird.

Superior Motors: Built-ins by Standard and Custom and Temper and Grit, paintings by Mai Tarducci and accessories by KerfCase.

Apteka: Furniture, fixtures and equipment by EngineHouse and Temper and Grit.

The Vandal: Built-ins by Bones and All and mugs by Reiko Yamamoto.