Mews on Butler

The work of local makers can also be found at a third new development, at least temporarily: In the model home at the Mews on Butler, visitors will find a wide array of works by makers that Monmade connected with the condo complex’s developers.

Penn + Fairmount glassware on display at the Mews on Butler model home. Photo courtesy of Monmade.

The work is on loan from a range of local makers and artists, including Nathan Lucas from Urban Tree, Mia Tarducci and Seth LeDonne. Monmade worked with the design team at Studio Lokken to find the perfect items for the space.

From throw pillows and glassware to a wide range of wall art, these pieces give the model unit a stylish and welcoming vibe that helps potential buyers envision living there, says Richard Sunseri, the development realtor for Mews on Butler.

Small plaques near each piece let visitors know which artist or maker created it, so potential buyers can find out where to purchase something. (Eighth & Penn has similar plaques displayed with its items by local makers, and Glasshouse plans to add something similar once construction is completed.)

And the makers get another shoutout whenever Studio Lokken or the Mews sales team post photos of the interior on Instagram.

One of the most striking pieces, found on the model home’s lower level, is a geometric metal wall hanging by KMJ Metalworks. Monmade’s team had worked with KMJ’s founder Ramone Patterson earlier to strategize about scaling his business, and Patterson participated in their collaboration with Fallingwater last spring.

Wall art by KMJ Metalworks at Mews on Butler. Photo courtesy of Monmade.

The plan is for all the maker items to remain on loan for as long as the model home is open at Mews on Butler, and then be returned to the makers and artists. Units in the project’s fourth and final phase are for sale now.

Each of these apartment and condo complexes is made more beautiful and distinctive by these items while providing a great public showcase for local talent. Monmade is open to collaboration with other developers and businesses throughout Pittsburgh.

Melissa Rayworth

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