Aiding Betten in A&R for Misra will be Gabe Wolford, of SOFAR Sounds Pittsburgh and Opus One Productions.

During his tenure as General Manager of Wild Kindness, Betten was known as one of the biggest champions of the local indie rock scene. Stop by almost any local show, Wild Kindness artist or not, and odds are Betten would be in the back, wearing his trademark smile and cowboy hat. But was his fandom to a fault?

“If I had to do anything differently,” he says, “I would maybe have tempered my enthusiasm. I mean, I just love the music here. It’s obviously of that caliber that it should be supported by [a label] that has the ability to really get it out there and beyond the limits of Allegheny County. But, I guess if you do that in such a short span, to the degree that I did, everyone starts saying, like, ‘oh, Wild Kindness, that’s that label with all those Pittsburgh bands on it.’”

If Pokrivnak does shift Wild Kindness away from the indie Pittsburgh acts that characterized Betten’s tenure, Betten doesn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing – he fervently believes that local indie rock scene that he helped to catalyze can stand and continue to flourish on its own.

All photos by Brian Cohen.