In early August, I took the first direct charter flight from Pittsburgh to Shanghai and wrote this piece about the great experience and the trip which turned out to be one of my all-time favorites.

Here are more photos from my trip which we are publishing to inspire you and others to go. Why? Because this direct charter flight is a big deal to Pittsburgh and it needs support in this region. Far more Chinese visitors came here on the direct charter flight than American visitors went to China. (Throughout my trip, I was often the only Westerner in the room.) Also, because China is fascinating and eye-opening and will make you see the world differently. Check it out here.

This large cluster of lookalike high-rises is a common sight in China. Construction of more high-rises like these is everywhere, with cranes on every rooftop as the buildings are all worked on at once.

Scooter dude.
A mural on one of the many artist studios at M50.
Canal in Suzhou, which is called the Venice of China.
The North Temple Pagoda in Suzhou seen in the background dates back 1,700 years.
Part of the original wall around Hangzhou and one of the 10 gatehouses.
In the Old City of Shanghai where KFC and Starbucks are quite popular.
Inside one building of the many that comprise YinLing Temple. Every one is different and monumental in scale.
The stone Buddhas outside YinLing Temple. You can walk (very carefully) through caves to see them all. Be careful to duck!
At West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site. So beautiful and serene at every turn.
A sampan boat on West Lake. One man rows the boat with several people onboard. It’s a slow, calm boat ride for the passengers, at least.
In Pudong, the very contemporary side of Shanghai, a city well-known for its shopping. This photo was taken from the elevated walkway.
A typical scene near The Bund (historic) side of the Huangpu River, on a narrow side street.
Education is taken very seriously by the Chinese and starts young. This young child is studying on a busy shopping street in Shanghai.
An upscale shopping area in the French Concession section of Shanghai.
Magic hour in full force. Sunset overlooking the Huangpu River and to the right, The Bund, which is the historic side. The Shanghai Tower on the left is in Pudong and is the third tallest building in the world.
Classic Chinese architecture with the flying corners on the roofs in the Old City of Shanghai.
While scooters are everywhere, even on sidewalks. every scooter on the road means one less car. While traffic can be dense, it was not as heavy as in New York or LA. on any given day.

Tracy Certo

Tracy is the founder and Editor at Large of NEXTpittsburgh which she started in March 2014 and sold in December 2020. She is passionate about making Pittsburgh a better place for all and connecting people...