The Trib also has invested in a high school sports video network, it has partnered with a Korean company on InvenGlobal — an English-language e-sports website based near Los Angeles — and it has invested in SpokenLayer, which provides spoken media content to Alexa, Google Home and other platforms.

The company experimented for two years with UpGruv, a viral content website that shut down earlier this summer when the contract with its third-party partner expired. But that wasn’t really a worry: Journalists and media executives have to be okay with knowing that not every experiment will be a huge success, Bertetto said.

“We need to try a lot of things,” she told me. “A lot aren’t going to work, but we only need a few to succeed to build a brighter future for journalism. That doesn’t mean it was a total failure or a waste of time. A waste of time would be continuing to put money into something that’s not working. That’s just being stubborn.”

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