Former City Paper Editor-in-chief Lisa Cunningham and Director of Advertising Jasmine Hughes literally make buttons to sell for Valentine's Day. Photo by Zack Durkin

NEXTpittsburgh. The digital media outlet seeks a full-time Managing Editor to lead its team as the publication continues to grow.

The nonprofit news outlet has established collaborative reporting arrangements with NEXTpittsburgh and other local publications to expand its reach and its offerings, Executive Director Mila Sanina told me.

“As a nonprofit, we have an aim to engage and inform the Pittsburgh region through evidence-based, high-impact local journalism,” Sanina said by email. “And through any partnership arrangement, we hope to be reaching new audiences who may not be reading PublicSource on our main platforms.”

The agreement with NEXTpittsburgh allows either outlet to republish stories from the other organization (up to five articles per month), while PublicSource’s other collaborations each have unique terms. carries stories from PublicSource, the New Pittsburgh Courier reprints PublicSource stories and other publications such as City Paper, Pittsburgh Magazine and PRESENTE all have partnership agreements as well.

PublicSource has worked more directly with WESA, Pittsburgh’s NPR station, to launch a new investigative series about the rental economy and landlord/tenant relationships. The project features work by two reporters at each outlet: Kate Giammarise and Margaret J. Krauss at the radio station, and Rich Lord and Jay Manning at PublicSource. You can find the PublicSource stories here and the WESA versions here.

The Incline. The cheeky, fast-paced online aggregate news outlet needs a new director now that Colin Deppen, who has been running things on his own, has taken another job. Details about the position can be found here. Rossilynne Culgan, who oversees editing for all of the national publications at parent company WhereBy.Us, said they want to move quickly.

KDKA Radio. You might not have any idea what she looks like, but if you’ve ever listened to KDKA in the afternoons, you know her voice: Rose Ryan-Douglas plans to retire at the end of February.

Post-Gazette. Long-time columnist Diana Nelson Jones walked away from the newspaper last month, telling NEXTpittsburgh she was fed up with management’s involvement in national Republican politics.

The newspaper has also dropped another day of print from its publication schedule, meaning the Post-Gazette goes out to homes only on Thursdays and Sundays. It seems like it won’t be long until they complete their planned move to become a digital-only publication.

Tribune-Review. Reporter Madasyn Lee tweeted that after seven years in Pittsburgh, including time at the Post-Gazette and at the Trib’s Valley News Dispatch, she found an opportunity to move back to Alabama.

East End Print. Like other local publications, the newspaper serving Pittsburgh’s East End neighborhoods has had to deal with cutbacks due to the pandemic. The newspaper has temporarily shifted from publishing once a week to coming out once a month. “Thanks for sticking with us,” publisher Ann Belser wrote on the site’s homepage. “Our plan is to keep slowly publishing as we weather this pandemic. Please be safe and healthy.”

WESA. Pittsburgh’s NPR station has announced that it plans to hire for a newly created position of executive editor to oversee all journalism on broadcast and digital platforms.

The founding director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University, Andrew Conte writes the On Media column at NEXTpittsburgh with support from The Heinz Endowments. You can find all of his columns here, and you may reach him at

Andrew Conte

Andrew Conte, founding director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University, writes the On Media column at NEXTpittsburgh with support from The Heinz Endowments.