What would you most like people to know about your work at UPMC?

We’re transforming healthcare through innovative technology. What’s exciting about it is at TDC, we have an opportunity to make a difference. To impact people’s lives. We get to innovate, we also get to commercialize, but we also develop a technology that can save people’s lives, or at least keep them comfortable and well.

Tell us about some of the products currently in the pipeline. 

There’s a huge opportunity in innovation now that healthcare has a new mandate (through Obamacare). We’re trying to lower costs and increase quality in a meaningful way. We’re creating it as a market opportunity to drive that. Convergence is one of those poster child projects that’s trying to drive better outcomes and better care.

We also are developing consumer engagement initiatives that address the ways we interact with our customers. We have Anywhere Care where you can have a 24-7 virtual care visit that makes things more convenient for patients. We have initiatives where we’re doing more analytics on patients that are pretty exciting that are classifying people in a more effective and standardized way.

What challenges keep you awake at night?

What keeps me up at night is there is so much we can do technologically, but how do we drive adoption? Everything a doctor has learned in medical school can be turned on its head these days. That’s really hard to swallow. The thing that keeps me up at night is how do we get people to change with the technology as we become more sophisticated? How do we bring people along with it?

Bakery Square/ Rob Larsen

Bakery Square/ Rob Larsen

What’s it like working at Bakery Square?

I love Bakery Square. It’s critical to recruiting good people. It’s critical to creating a culture of innovation. It’s an innovative hub. It’s near CMU. There’s lots of innovative companies in the area and it’s close to hotels and restaurants. It’s a really great atmosphere. I honestly don’t think we would be as successful if we weren’t in this space.

What’s your Lean In advice to other women working for large companies and corporations today?

For me as a woman, my struggles have more to do with what goes on inside of me. I don’t find there to be any glass ceiling at UPMC. The top 50 percent of management at UPMC are women. The days where there might be limitations for women are over. The barriers are within me. The struggle I face in wanting to spend more time with my kids.

What do you find yourself doing in Pittsburgh?

Spending time with my kids! I have a four and seven year old. We love the parks and swimming pools. What I love about Pittsburgh is that in terms of children, it’s a great place to be.

What are you reading these days?

I just finished reading all three of the Divergent Series. I like books around social experiments. I’m also reading Inferno and the fourth book of the Da Vinci series.

What is the working culture like at TDC?

Many people who work here are young, just starting out with young families. We have family picnics, blood drives. We’re very committed to doing those kinds of things.

We bring lots of high schools through the office, allow students to spend the day here and teach them about what we’re doing. It’s a unique experience. We’re not a startup. We still live within the bounds of UPMC. That said, we have a subculture here. We wear jeans to work. It’s an open and innovative environment.

Does that mean you have giant hammock swings here too?

When I think about Google, they have a lot of perks and beautiful facilities. I don’t view us as competitive, but we are in the same category. We attract a different demographic here. What energizes us isn’t just cool technology. People come here because they’re energized by the stories of the patients.

The other differentiator is we’re all about families and growing career paths. Google leaderships and strategic thinking is out of California. The strategic thinking for UPMC is happening here. We’re looking for mature leaders who will grow on a career path. It is a hub of innovation.

I won’t deny we haven’t lost people to Google. We’ve also hired people from Google. We recruit nationally and are thrilled to bring people here to Pittsburgh.