7. South Side 

Distance: Nine miles

Go: Hit the South Side portion of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail from South Eighth Street, go about four to five miles southeast towards Homestead, then turn back around. Check out this route for guidance.

Level of difficulty: Moderate. The terrain is easy, but this route is fairly long. Beginners can shorten the run by turning around at any point on the trail and heading back to their parking spot, or a place to eat.

Highlights: This is a scenic route of mostly flat terrain that’s part of the South Side portion of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail running through the South Side Flats with a clear view of the Monongahela River. You’ll zip past SouthSide Works. and for a post-run meal, hit Carson Street. Options abound there, but our pick for a quick carbo-load is The Pretzel Shop (2316 East Carson).

Point State Park from the river. Photo by TH Carlisle.

8. Three Rivers and West End Bridge

Distance: About eight miles

Go: Start on the Birmingham Bridge near Forbes Avenue, then proceed to East Carson Street. Eventually, you’ll hit Station Square Drive and cross the West End Bridge, loop around to Heinz Field, cross over to Point State Park and wind up back at the Birmingham Bridge. Check out this route from Map my Run.

Level of difficulty: Challenging and not for the faint of heart, due to the distance and running near high-traffic areas.

Highlights: You’ll take in views as you run by the Mon, Ohio and Allegheny Rivers, through the South Side, North Shore, Downtown and by Station Square. For a bite, you could go back to the South Side as the end is near the Birmingham Bridge, where a stop at Birmingham Bridge Tavern (2901 Sarah St.) could help you refuel after a long run.

9. Neighborhood tour: Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Polish Hill 

Distance: Four- and six-mile options

Go: Start on Liberty Avenue, then go left to hit the 300 block of Ella Street in Bloomfield. Proceed along Penn Avenue to Shadyside, looping to Ellsworth, then Melwood, and back to Bloomfield. Follow the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern map from People Who Run Downtown.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Highlights: This twisty urban route takes you on smaller streets in the neighborhoods. You’ll go over the Bloomfield Bridge, near the iconic Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, which is slated to close October 21, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page. Feeling deprived after a run? Paddy Cake Bakery (4763 Liberty Ave.) near the start and end of the route offers cakes, pastries and more daily.

10. South Side, Oakland, Hill District, South Side Flats

Distance: Four- and six-mile options

Go: Park along Carson near the Birmingham Bridge. Turn right onto the bridge; take the ramp down to Forbes; turn right up Ophelia, then left to the Boulevard of Allies; then take a right to cross the Panther Hollow Bridge. See the Archies Oakland map by the People Who Run Downtown for details.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Highlights: Enjoy the views as you cross the Mon River by way of the Birmingham Bridge, then shoot through Schenley Park near Phipps Conservatory and the Carnegie Museums, the Schenley Farms Historic District and Carnegie Mellon University. Refuel near the start and end points at the Double Wide Grill (2339 East Carson St.), or check out many other options throughout the South Side business district.

Have your own routes to add? Let us know in the comments.