Audrey Dunning
Audrey Dunning

Audrey Dunning
Senior Vice President for CGI, former CEO of Summa Technologies

Audrey Dunning came to the world of tech from the sales and business development side, proving that careers in the tech industry do not always fit stereotypes: “It’s not all coding, she says, and it’s not all men.

“A lot of times people think about careers in tech and they have this image of the software engineer sitting in a basement writing code who doesn’t see the light of day for long periods,” says Dunning, a Beaver County native who lives in Cranberry. “But digital is the way of the future and there are many different careers in science and tech (that) require important skills — soft skills that generally women excel at, including collaboration and communication.

“Sometimes people have too much of a limited view of what a career in tech means. But you need a lot of different people with different skills to make a business successful and to make software work.”

Dunning started her tech career in the early 1990s with the Pittsburgh-based software company Transarc Corp., which was later acquired by IBM.

“I loved working with really smart people, learning about solving problems,” Dunning says. “That was something that stood out to me. You work with a lot of people that are wired to solve problems, and that was appealing.”

In 2001, she moved to Summa Technologies, a digital solutions consultancy company, and was named CEO in 2007.

The company grew rapidly under her leadership until August of 2017, when CGI — the fifth largest IT firm in the world — acquired Summa. Around 70,000 people work for CGI globally, including 500 in the Downtown Pittsburgh office.

Dunning has two adult children, loves to travel and has taken a keen interest in mindfulness and techniques that help people navigate an increasingly busy and digital world.

Chris Togneri

Chris Togneri is a freelance writer living in Pittsburgh.