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The words “math” and “fun” might not typically go hand-in-hand, but at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival at The Ellis School on April 26, they most certainly will.

Started in 2007 by Google, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals have been popping up all over the country since, with The Ellis School being the first school in Western Pennsylvania to host the event.

With the second biennial festival coming up next month at Ellis, we’re sharing five reasons why you and your family should attend.

1. An Opportunity to Change Their Outlook

Does your child “hate” math? Perhaps attending a math festival where attendees are encouraged to explore new ways of thinking and to problem-solve creatively will change their mind. After all, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is, first and foremost, designed to be fun for kids! Whether they’re working independently to complete a puzzle or unraveling problems in unison on a team, kids will see and learn that there are many ways to approach math—and potentially leave viewing the subject in a whole new light.

2. It’s About More Than Math

While spending time breaking down, reasoning through, and solving a problem can be immensely satisfying, there’s more to math than arriving at the solution. Math is really about learning transferable skills—like critical thinking, reasoning, and communication—that kids can then apply to other areas of their lives. Through the stations at the festival, kids will encounter different word problems, games, and activities that show them math really is everywhere and something they use now and will continue to use in the future.

3. Kids Can Explore Math Pressure-Free

For many kids, math can be intimidating. It can be thought of as something done only in a classroom with a pencil and paper and a ticking clock where the answer must be reached before time runs out. But at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, there are no time constraints, no rubrics, and no red pens in sight. Kids are encouraged to try a variety of games and activities, with no previous expertise necessary.

4. A Place to Meet New Friends With Similar Interests

 Believe it or not, math can be social! Girls and boys in kindergarten through grade 8 are invited to enjoy the activities at the festival and are encouraged to work together as they play games and untangle tricky puzzles. This opportunity to explore math through a different and collaborative lens will not only boost your child’s brainpower but also provide a place to socialize and have fun with kids from all around the city!

5. It’s a Fun Event for the Whole Family

The Steelers season is long over (bad news), but that means your Sunday afternoons are free again (good news)! Why not make plans to learn together and have fun with your family at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival? The cost is only $5 per group (up to six child attendees) and you can drop in to the event anytime between 1:004:00 p.m. There will even be games and activities for adults to try!

Register today to reserve your spot! 

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