Dr. Deborah Gentile

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Open Enrollment marks another year of shopping for health plans, comparing complex coverage options, and hoping to find a unicorn that offers better care while saving a few bucks.

Whether you purchase insurance through the marketplace, receive employer benefits, or opt-out altogether in favor of managing health resources a la carte, it’s always difficult to understand which options are right for you.

For critical day-to-day services like accessing a good primary care physician, budgeting for premiums, medications, and other expenses, or utilizing high-value services like telemedicine and at-home care, the weight of our healthcare choices stacks up quickly.

So as you evaluate your personal health goals and coverage options this season, now is a great opportunity to take a fresh perspective and think beyond the status quo – beyond open enrollment and health insurance alone.

Direct primary care physicians, direct pay specialists, discount pharmacies with “cost-plus” pricing, medical cost sharing plans, and convenient ways to access at-cost labs, radiology, and more, are just some of the health-related opportunities available in Pittsburgh right now.

Through her simple, membership-based approach to family medicine, direct primary care physicians like Dr. Natalie Gentile in Highland Park, for example, are filling an enormous gap in individualized primary care and preventive medicine left in most major health systems today.

Operating independently from the insurance-driven, fee-for-service model dominating the landscape today, Gentile Family Direct Primary Care offers a radically better, modern approach to primary care alongside other healthy lifestyle services designed to put the needs of the patient first – free from outside interests or influence.

Whether you have insurance or not, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of this kind of alternative health service – often for less money than you’re already paying.

Your doctor’s cell phone number in your pocket? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. In fact, Dr. Gentile herself answers the phone when you call, greets you in the lobby when you arrive, and has been utilizing telemedicine to chat directly with patients via text, email, and video conference since before it was cool.

All through unlimited, same- or next-day, extended time appointments that typically range between 30 and 90 minutes (far exceeding the average 7-8 minutes, every few months that you’re probably used to). By intentionally limiting her member-patient count to fewer than 300 at any time, the luxury of more, consistent doctor-patient time is the cornerstone of the personalized, attentive, and thorough care for which Dr. Gentile is known. It’s a virtually impossible feat to replicate within the guide-rails of today’s fee-for-service model where patient loads often exceed 2,000-3,000 or more).

For individuals and families looking for a primary care physician who can offer much more than the status-quo, Dr. Gentile helps member-patients proactively manage their health through services including:

  • Preventive and comprehensive care
  • Acute and urgent care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Intensive lifestyle counseling
  • Weight management
  • Medication management and dispensing
  • Women’s health
  • Sports medicine
  • Care coordination with specialists
  • Minor labs, procedures, and injections
  • Child immunizations through age five
  • Home visits
  • Fully transparent costs
  • Access to greatly discounted meds, at-cost labs, and more

So whether you are looking to:

  • Supplement an existing insurance plan to better focus on your health goals
  • Circumvent the traditional health system entirely without losing access to high-quality care, medications, and labs
  • Manage your health choices a la carte to choose which resources to utilize at the right time for your own individual care

Or if you’re looking for a partner to help you develop an individualized health plan and join you on your journey, direct primary care provides you an opportunity to…

  • Be heard and seen as the unique, whole-person you are
  • Be treated like more than a collection of symptoms and genetic predispositions
  • Learn how your individual health history, diet, lifestyle, habits, stressors, and environmental factors could be helping or harming your overall health outcomes
  • Find the support and accountability you need to proactively manage your health through a relationship that feels more like visiting with a friend than “going to the doctor”

Join us for a free webinar to better understand your healthcare opportunities beyond the basics of insurance:

“Healthcare Opportunities: Beyond Open Enrollment”

Wednesday, November 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Hosted by Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh and other partners, this open discussion about healthcare options in Pittsburgh beyond the basics of open enrollment and standards of the traditional healthcare system will provide opportunities for attendees to ask questions, share experiences, and get in the weeds as we evaluate health insurance coverages, medical cost sharing options, primary care choices, out-of-pocket costs, access to affordable medication, and more.

For small businesses looking to provide employees access to health benefits, or self-insurers looking to better manage their employees’ health:

Gentile Family DPC offers access to high-quality primary care services through an agile, effective, and affordable membership plan that serves as an excellent compliment (or an outright alternative) to the high-deductible plans offered by the major health systems.

Unparalleled flexibility in-person, in-office, in-home, or via telemedicine makes Gentile Family DPC capable of effectively managing the health of remote teams of almost any size, and is nimble enough to provide individualized care for restaurant, cafe, and service industry workers, tech companies, non-profit organizations, leadership groups, and more.

Direct primary care presents an opportunity to lower the frequency, volume, and cost of claims through preventive care, intensive lifestyle counseling, access to to greatly discounted medications, and many more benefits.

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