Imagine waking up bright and early on a cold, soulless Monday morning with a smile on your face and a glimmer in your eye, barely able to contain your excitement as you head to work. Hard to imagine? Not if you work at Oakland’s latest riverfront office, The Riviera.  

The riverfront Class A 160,200 sf office building is what every employee dreams about, even on a Monday. The building, currently under construction in the Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC), is designed for the individual and their workplace experience. The first floor is loaded with features that were selected to enrich the vibe of the six-story building.  

Open first-floor seating and gaming area.

As you enter from Technology Drive, you are greeted by a beautiful polished marble fireplace and cozy seating area. Directly to the left of the fireplace is a full-service coffee bar and café serving up refreshments all day long in a comfortable and colorful atmosphere.

Riviera from Picture This Media LLC on Vimeo.

The interior décor, custom selected for The Riviera, represents a bohemian chic style with a twist of nature that pulls you through the first floor and out towards the riverfront patio.

As you move towards the water you pass by more open seating areas for meetings, lunches, or simply lounging and recuperating. The breakout areas include crystal chandeliers, rustic communal tables and colorful highlights of wallcoverings that make you want to be there.

Full-service cafe and lounge on the first floor.

Features incorporate a full green plant wall, shuffleboard table, interactive games, and of course a 2,500-sf fitness center. The Riviera fitness center is expansive and features riverfront views in front of a variety of cardio machines. Additionally, inside are weighted machines, a separate mirrored area for fitness classes and free weights, and both men’s and women’s locker rooms each with their own showers and steam rooms. Who wouldn’t want to work/workout here?

The Riviera’s developer, Jim Scalo, president & CEO of Burns Scalo Real Estate, believes in building offices that employees never want to leave. This workplace exemplifies what Jim Scalo moralizes about commercial real estate in his recent book, Work Them To Life:

“If we take care of our people, it might cost a little more, but the returns on those investments will more than make up for it. Make this leap and you will never look back. You will stay relevant. You will grow as an organization. You will win the talent war. And ten years from now, you will still find yourself in an inviting, inspiring, engaging space full of happy people who enjoy working for you, working with each other, and working to life.” (198).

The outdoor patio sits riverfront with tables and seating areas for employees to enjoy their lunch with breathtaking views of both South Side Works Marina and Downtown Pittsburgh in the distance. The interior and exterior design of The Riviera was planned specifically to draw people outside to enjoy the environment around the office building.

Riverfront views of Downtown from The Riviera.

The walkability and bike-ability via the Hot Metal Bridge is ideal for South Side residents and employees searching for lunch and retail options. Additionally, the PTC offers accessibility with buses in the park to both Downtown via Second Ave. and Oakland via Bates Street.

Furthermore, jumping on the Pittsburgh bike trend, the PTC has two Healthy Ride bike stations planned to encourage bike-ability into Downtown, Oakland, and South Side. The Riviera features both indoor and outdoor bike storage to protect the employee’s bicycles.

The Riviera is sustainably constructed and will be sustainably managed with a Class-G certification in place to maintain and reduce its carbon footprint moving forward. Years prior, dating back to 1859, the area was home to the two blast furnaces, called Eliza furnaces owned by Laughlin & Company, which produced iron products. The PTC was later turned into a brownfield site for redevelopment by the Urban Redevelopment Association and several developers have secured and constructed a variety of structures in the park including The Riviera.

Commitment to the immediate environment is of the utmost importance on this specific site. Pittsburgh’s next best office building respects the history and looks into the future, focusing on both the health and wellness of its tenants and the ecosystem it surrounds.

Burns Scalo Real Estate (BSRE) is developing, leasing, and managing the property, keeping The Riviera inside their core portfolio of Class A commercial space. The development arm of the company has worked closely with NEXT Architecture, who fully designed both the exterior and interior.

The Riviera is under construction and plans to open Summer 2019. The Riviera is searching for companies who prioritize their employee’s happiness, encouraging a “love where you work” culture and experience. For leasing inquiries contact Scott DiGuglielmo at sdiguglielmo@burnsscalo.com.

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