Photo courtesy of Phipps Conservatory

Due to popular demand, the larger-than-life exhibit, SUPER. NATURAL, will remain at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens until Sun., Nov. 5. The show embraces Phipps’ tradition of stunning Fall Flower Shows, newly transformed as the plantings change from tropical summer plants to a colorful cornucopia of chrysanthemums.  This is your last chance to see this exclusive blockbuster glass art show during its fall finale.

“Fall is a very horticulturally rich time,” says Laura Schoch, display horticulturist and designer of the Fall Flower Finale of SUPER. NATURAL. “The glass is the highlight and we will enhance it with seasonal displays of mums.”

Photo courtesy of Phipps Conservatory

Surrounding the masterful glass sculptures of renowned international glass artist Jason Gamrath, mums will bring the vibrant colors of fall into the Conservatory, picking up on the bright hues of the art. From bright pinks and purples complementing the massive water lily sculpture in the Victoria Room to deep reds and yellows accompanying the towering glass orchids in the South Conservatory, this show is sure to be a treat for the senses.

Since Phipps first opened its doors in 1893, the Fall Flower Show has been a beloved seasonal tradition. Combining thousands of vibrant chrysanthemums with the breathtaking art of Jason Gamrath puts a new twist on this perennially popular show.

“There are special plants that only bloom in the fall that we anticipate all summer, and there are certain plants that people want to see in the fall,” says Laura. A true showstopper among the beloved chrysanthemums are the disbuds, which are mums that have had all of their buds clipped except for one. The plant focuses all of its energy into producing that flower, resulting in one tall, massive bloom. “We always have outstanding disbud mums, and they will be featured in several different rooms,” Laura says.

Of course, some of the most popular fall plants are the ones that end up on our plates. The Rooftop Edible Garden at Phipps is positively bursting with harvest produce at this time of year — guests should be sure to stop outside and see for themselves. Visitors can also learn about how Phipps grows and harvests these plants, and then taste the bounty in Café Phipps.

Photo courtesy of Phipps Conservatory

Phipps staff has many planning meetings prior to the opening of each seasonal flower show, often over a year beforehand, to think of new ways to delight guests with an all-new experience every year. Full-time staff members and volunteers work side by side to prepare colorful displays of mums to wow guests throughout the exhibit.

Laura has designed this show for many years at Phipps and loves doing it. “It is a chance for me to apply my creative talents, develop new ideas and collaborate with the entire Phipps team to bring everything together,” she says. “It’s the whole crew that makes the show work, inspiring guests as we transform with the season.”

New this year, guests can enjoy Fall Flower Show and Jason Gamrath’s SUPER. NATURAL. glass art at night! Phipps is open to visitors 9:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. every night with the exception of limited dates, which can be found at

Photo courtesy of Phipps Conservatory

SUPER. NATURAL. Nights invites guests of all ages to enjoy the show in a whole new light. Theatrical lighting that can only be seen at night was designed and installed specifically for the stunning exhibit. Jason Gamrath meticulously reviewed each lighting selection and angle to ensure the intricate lighting system showcases each detail of the breathtaking glass sculptures

The Conservatory promises inspiration and respite, enjoying stunning glass art and vibrant fall plantings before the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin. As fall brings a quiet time of reflection, it is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy the changing season throughout the gardens.

Photo by Phipps Conservatory.

Guests planning a trip to Phipps should remember to bring a camera! Stacks of hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and scarecrows will be set up as one of many photo opportunities for guests near the Rooftop Edible Garden. Visitors are encouraged to share their memories on social media — Phipps can be found on Facebook and Instagram @phippsconservatory and on Twitter @phippsnews.

Don’t miss the last chance to see the breathtaking exhibit, SUPER. NATURAL. and enjoy the tradition of Phipps Fall Flower Show! Phipps’ SUPER. NATURAL. Fall Flower Finale ends on Sun., Nov. 5.  For more information, visit

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