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Motional, a global leader in driverless technology, is looking for new team members to bring some of the most cutting-edge innovation to the world. The company has had an important presence in Pittsburgh since its early days as a start-up and is now ramping up hiring to support rapid growth.

Following completion of its brand new office in the Hazelwood Green development earlier this month, Motional is thrilled to further cement its roots in the city and leverage the exceptional technology talent in the area to help make its vision of autonomous mobility a reality.

Motional’s road to leadership 

Motional was formed as a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv earlier this year but has been at the forefront of self-driving cars for decades. The company’s leaders are pioneers in the space who participated in the historic DARPA Grand Challenge and founded two of the first self-driving car start-ups, nuTonomy and Ottomatika, the latter of which was formed at Carnegie Mellon. Its team is behind many industry firsts, including the first fully-autonomous cross-country drive in the U.S. and launch of the world’s first robotaxi pilot.

Motional staff in meeting conference space.

Now, with resources from one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, Hyundai, and one of the industry’s most innovative technology providers, Aptiv, Motional is poised to disrupt the self-driving industry.

If you think driverless cars are a distant hype technology, think again. Motional operates the world’s most established robotaxi fleet in Las Vegas and has already conducted over 100,000 rides with the public, and that’s just the beginning. Motional’s team around the world is dedicated to developing and commercializing the world’s highest-performing and safest autonomous vehicles.

Building safer transportation 

The self-driving industry has long believed that driverless vehicles will bring dramatic societal benefits. Human error is involved in approximately 94% of all motor vehicle accidents. Driverless vehicles are never drunk, drowsy or distracted — they’ll make roads safer while reducing congestion, increasing passengers’ free time, and improving access to mobility.

Driverless vehicles became even more important this year as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the global community to re-think transportation and the meaning of safety. According to a recent study conducted by Motional, 83% of Americans agree that access to safe, clean transportation is a public health issue and 1 in 5 Americans are more interested in self-driving cars now than they were before the pandemic.

Motional has been on the front lines of COVID-19 transportation discussions with its partners and city officials, developing solutions that address sanitization concerns to ensure a safe ride every time.

Safety is core to the company’s mission in fact, Motional leads the industry in safety, from helping publish the Safety First For Automated Driving white paper, to pioneering data-sharing in the industry, and safely moving more public passengers than anyone else.

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Joining the Pittsburgh team 

Motional is looking for new team members who will play a key role in making driverless vehicles a reality by developing technologies that deliver a turnkey, fully autonomous driving system for robotaxi providers, fleet operators and automotive manufacturers.

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Candidates will work within a complex and growing system where new technology advances are being developed and evaluated rapidly. Collaboration is integral to the company’s success and team members can expect strong mentorship and the opportunity to work closely with some of the field’s leading research scientists and engineers. Every day teams are helping bring groundbreaking algorithms from concept to prototype and then from prototype to a product deployed in the real world at scale.

Motional’s new Pittsburgh office is located in the new Hazelwood Green development. The company is hiring for roles within perception, planning, controls and infrastructure software – including multiple senior software engineer and principal research scientist roles.

Two-thirds of Americans say self-driving cars are the way of the future. Motional is offering the unique opportunity to be part of that future and change how the world moves. Join the team and help make driverless vehicles a safe, reliable and accessible reality. Find out more about the open roles here.

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