Kaya, Strip Distirct. Photo courtesy of big Burrito Restaurant Group.

Love taking pictures of your food? Sustainable Pittsburgh has the contest for you.

Until the end of July, Pittsburgh foodies can win a chance for a night of culinary excellence, just by using social media.

Under the rules of the Graze contest, eaters are encouraged to post pictures on facebook, twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #GrazePGH whenever they eat at one of the city’s many sustainable restaurants.

The posts enter you in a lottery to win two seats at an eight-course dining experience on August 5 from the preeminent Pittsburgh chefs Jessica Lewis of Spirits & Tales, Elsa Santos of Azorean Café, Neil Blazin of Driftwood Oven and Bill Fuller of big Burrito Restaurant Group. The dinner will take place at Churchview Farm, an organic farmette in Baldwin Township.

The full details of the contest are available here, and you can check out an interactive map of over 150 sustainable eateries in the Pittsburgh region here.

The goal of the contest is to highlight and support the local growers and restauranteurs applying environmentally responsible practices in the Pittsburgh region.

“The thoughtfulness, interaction, and collaboration that occurs between chef and farmer translates directly to the food that is served on the farm,” said Tara Rockacy, owner of Churchview Farm. “True farm-to-table experiences bring a level of awareness regarding the source of the meal and the intention behind it, as well as the collaboration that exists between the chef and the farmer.”

In addition to awarding prizes for the eaters, the contest also has a section for the cooks. Designated restauranteurs can also win seats on Churchview Farm by posting their own pictures of sustainable policies at work.

“Graze is a fun and easy way for people to engage with sustainability and share their experiences,” said Rebecca Bykoski, Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program Manager. “Not only does this contest feature a fabulous grand prize of a special farm-to-table dinner, it highlights and celebrates the connections among the many people, organizations, and businesses that are working hard to build a better Pittsburgh region.”

Bill O'Toole

Bill O'Toole was a full-time reporter for NEXTpittsburgh until October, 2019. He previously reported in Myanmar.