"In Other News" co-hosts Natalie Bencivenga and Tony Norman. Photo by Eliza Morse.

NEXTpittsburgh’s first podcast, “In Other News,” is hosted by award-winning journalists Tony Norman and Natalie Bencivenga. Their warm, thoughtful rapport was built over the years spent together in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newsroom. In this new venture, they focus on all the news you need to know — but maybe haven’t heard about elsewhere, as well as discussions of the state of the media and ways to activate listeners to become engaged with issues that matter to them. They share hot takes on local and national issues, politics and pop culture and welcome a guest each episode to drill down on topics that center justice while illuminating ways to strengthen our communities.

In the premier episode of “In Other News,” co-hosts Natalie Bencivenga and Tony Norman discuss breaking news regarding the Block family, the owners of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh City Paper. They examine the tumultuous state of local media with Crissy Holtzer, NEXTpittsburgh’s digital editor. And Tony’s got some strong thoughts about a man who he says makes no sense!

ACTIVATE: Want to get more involved with what you heard in this week’s episode? Check out Tony’s column and support the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s union by reading their strike publication.

You can also watch “In Other News” on YouTube.

Tune in on Friday, Feb. 3, when Natalie and Tony will interview former Second Lady of Pennsylvania Gisele Fetterman.

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