Downtown Pittsburgh
Photo by Jennifer Baron

NEXTpittsburgh achieved record growth last year with more than 2.1 million unique visitors. We continue on pace in 2021 and plan to do even more impressive things in 2022. That’s why we just created a new position, Head of Organizational Infrastructure.

As the go-to source for news and events in our city, NEXT is lucky to have many sales opportunities that we don’t currently have the capacity to meet. We are seeking to grow dramatically, and we believe it’s easily within our ability to do so with the right team.

The Head of Organizational Infrastructure requires a person who can both see the big picture and fill in the details. The right candidate will possess a deep understanding of effective systems and processes that help an organization like NEXT function to its full potential.  They will work with NEXT’s Publisher and Editor to implement–and fine-tune–many of the strategic goals we have in place. Expertise in social media advertising is a major plus. The role will begin as a part-time opportunity (20 hours/week) with the possibility of expanding as the business grows.

We love what we do and look forward to working with our next Head of Organizational Infrastructure. Apply here!

John Rhoades

John is an entrepreneur and community activist who took over as owner and publisher of NEXTpittsburgh on January 1. He lives in Polish Hill. He also volunteers for his neighborhood association, enjoys...