Pictured left to right are Jim Jen (COO and managing director of AlphaLab) with the founders of the AlphaLab cohort who pitched alongside their AlphaLab Gear peers at last night's Demo Day The companies shown are: Martris, Complete Bank Data, Gender Reveal Game, Subtl Beauty, Symmetric Health Solutions, and Sheepy. Courtesy of Innovation Works.

Pittsburgh’s bustling startup scene just got a little more crowded.

Last night at MuseumLab, AlphaLab and AlphaLab Gear publicly introduced the latest batch of companies to complete its annual accelerator programs. These nationally-ranked business development initiatives were created by Innovation Works, a venture capital firm that invests in and mentors startups across Western Pennsylvania.

AlphaLab focuses on software companies, while AlphaLab Gear specializes in hardware startups.

As AlphaLab leaders noted in their opening remarks, this year’s cohort — with startup businesses spread across food, cosmetics and healthcare industries — illustrates the great diversity of our local tech economy.

These companies “represent the strengths of our growing startup ecosystem,” said Aaron Tainter, AlphaLab’s program manager. “Tonight’s event is a great reflection on the Pittsburgh startup community.”

Photo courtesy of Innovation Works.

Check out these groundbreaking companies unveiled during Demo Day:

Cassian Solutions: This healthcare company makes an automated medication dispenser that easily attaches to a smartphone, helping patients stick to their medical routines.

CompleteBankData: This data analytics company helps banks analyze regional markets to spot trends and opportunities.

DisSolves: To save time and avoid a mess, this food services company creates sustainable food pods that dissolve in hot or cold water, streamlining the beverage-making process for businesses and individuals.

EKTO VR: This startup has created motorized, smart footwear that allows users to safely explore virtual worlds without experiencing motion sickness.

ESTAT Actuation: Developed at Carnegie Mellon University, this company has created a new technique for developing cheap and lightweight actuators (the machine components responsible for controlling movements) for robotics.

Gender Reveal Game: With this game, expectant parents can accept cash gifts by having their friends and family enter an e-raffle to guess the baby’s gender. Users choose their own prizes and the company ensures secure transactions.

Impact Proteomics: Proteomics, the study of proteins, requires the cultivation of protein samples within a lab — usually a costly and labor-intensive process. This company, another CMU spin-off, has created a new technique to simplify the process.

Martris: This software company specializes in apps that improve interpersonal relationships. Their signature product is the Conflict Coach app.

Sheepy: For all the insomniacs out there, Sheepy is a chatbot that provides advice on how to improve sleep health. Over time, the app creates personalizes recommendations for users.

Aura Spark: These electric wristbands not only help companies organize events, they also store information and change color as revelers move about the space, creating opportunities for icebreakers and innovative group activities.

Subtl Beauty: This company creates full-size makeup kits in stackable, ergonomic containers, eliminating the need for messy makeup bags.

SwifTAG Systems: SwifTAG’s software tracks and optimizes the use of animals in a laboratory setting, reducing the time needed with animals while maintaining the highest level of data integrity. “Fewer animals, better data,” the company’s website says.

Symmetric Health Solutions: This company’s analytics software helps healthcare providers manage their data and avoid costly mistakes.

Bill O'Toole

Bill O'Toole was a full-time reporter for NEXTpittsburgh until October, 2019. He previously reported in Myanmar.