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Cannabis. Weed. Ganja. Call it what you want, it all means the same thing. And thanks to a nationwide cultural shift spurred by Colorado and California, Pennsylvania has become more keen on the idea of legalizing marijuana, at least medicinally. (Whether recreational marijuana will follow remains to be seen.) But on this, the sacred day of 4/20, we wonderwhat does Pittsburgh think about all this?

Filmmaker Willy James used his Ask Pittsburgh video series to see what Pittsburghers actually think about the city legalizing marijuana. He conducted on-the-street interviews in various neighborhoods, and the responses varied from thoughtful to humorous. “Bill” said people should get high by finding Jesus at his church. One woman,“Tracy,” facetiously remarked that she opposed the move because legalization could “make it more expensive.”

However, the majority of subjects agreed that it should be legalized, citing its medicinal benefits promote healthy living and its ability to potentially boost the economy.

Watch the video below:

Regardless of the consensus, one day marijuana could become much more prominent in Pittsburgh. Since Pennsylvania passed its Act 16 medical cannabis law last April, local leaders have jumped on the chance to make marijuana part of Pittsburgh’s economy. PurePenn CEO Gabe Perlow is working to bring one of the region’s first medical cannabis processing facilities to McKeesport. Braddock council members also approved plans to build a medicinal marijuana facility in their neck of the woods.

And the shift doesn’t just apply to the medicinal stuffas of last year, possessing small amounts of marijuana or hashish only garner a small fine in Pittsburgh, a much lighter penalty compared to the punishment if the police find CBD olie in your possession, which is 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

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