SNL screenshot via YouTube of Kristen Stewart in a really funny Duolingo sketch.

Pittsburgh isn’t just a source of comedy because our PAT buses hilariously get swallowed by epic potholes.

Our tech startups are funny, too.

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a pretty amusing two-minute video starring Kristen Stewart as a woman whose life is changed by using “new Duolingo for Talking to Children, the first foreign language app for grown people who need to learn how to talk to kids, because their friends are starting to have them!”

Echoing Duolingo’s successful real-world sales pitch, the skit cheerfully trumpets this good news: “Practice just five minutes a day, and you’ll be a brat whisperer in no time!”

The team at this Pittsburgh-born startup was surprised and delighted. After the video aired, Duolingo founder Luis von Ahn tweeted “Loved seeing @duolingo on Saturday Night Live last night! Proud to have helped build this awesome brand.”

They’ve even added a “Child for Adult Speakers” option on the company’s Incubator page, though rather than taking you to coursework, the link connects to the video on YouTube.

Check it out here:

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