Gus Gear: Gus Gear designs and manufactures securement devices for implanted medical equipment like central catheters and feeding tubes. Their focus is on patient safety and quality of life for those with medical challenges. Gus Gear’s products allow patients to break free from the limitations imposed by their diagnosis and live their lives to the fullest.

Komodo: Komodo is automating the municipal bond evaluation process, bringing greater transparency and analytic capability to a $4 trillion industry. Emerging economic, environmental and social risks, coupled with misaligned incentives for ratings agencies, means that internal credit risk analysis is increasingly important. Komodo enables investment professionals to create their own rating system based on relative value and increase the yield of their portfolio using customizable tools that fit their investment strategy.

▪ Koop: Koop is building an autonomous mobility insurance platform that lets autonomy operators get custom, data-driven and scalable insurance solutions. The trillion-dollar insurance industry is not meeting the needs of rapidly developing autonomy operators who want a tailored approach to their mission and data-rich autonomous technologies.

▪ Phlux Technologies: Phlux Technologies is making robotics and automation safer and more affordable by using their new 3D sensing technology to improve the resolution, efficiency and precision of low-cost 3D sensors. Their products help robots navigate, protect workers from dangerous machinery and alert vehicles of obstacles.

SMART Dreams: SMART Dreams partners with schools, nonprofits and other community organizations to provide tools that support youth with post-secondary planning. Their booklets and app help each student develop an individualized path toward success and facilitate better support from the caring adults in their lives.

▪ TouchWood Labs: TouchWood Labs simplifies the way we interact with the digital world by making it intuitive, fun and beautiful. TouchWood is an interactive touch display embedded below the surface of materials such as wood and plastic so that it becomes visible only when needed, and blends seamlessly into the material when it is not. TouchWood provides control of multiple IoT connected devices, has native apps and serves as a platform for third-party app development.

▪ Trek Gum: Trek Gum is a biodegradable chewing gum that cleans teeth on the go, allowing users to maintain their oral hygiene anywhere at any time in a more convenient, efficient and sustainable way.