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Got questions about voting on Tuesday?

If your voting district has changed, you’ve likely already seen a mailing on the new information. Voters in affected voting districts were notified, but there are 20 polling place locations that have changed since the November general election.

If you’re seeking to confirm where to vote and what you’re eligible to vote on during this primary, check out the county’s On Election Day webpage. There, you can verify your registration and look up the location of your polling place. You can also find sample ballots.

All registered voters can vote in the following municipalities:

· Bridgeville, Collier, Heidelberg, and Scott (Chartiers Valley School District), where voters will be considering a question on approving a property tax increase to fund additional school safety enhancements.
· Monroeville and West Deer, where voters are considering proposed Home Rule Charter Amendment questions.
· Braddock, where voters will consider approving the formation of a seven-member Home Rule Charter Government Study Commission and can also vote for candidates for Government Study Commissioner.

County offices under the Executive Branch will be closed for the county Election Day holiday. But the Elections Division and Courts will be open during regular business hours, as will the District Attorney’s Office, Controller’s Office and some services at the Sheriff’s Office.

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