“Last week we had a lot of success with Giant Eagle,” she says. Before that, it was Rite-Aid. “AHN has been consistently really good,” Bacher adds.

How long will they keep the group going?

“Until we’re irrelevant,” she replies. “People are clinging to us right now. The peak is supposed to be May. So we’re probably relevant until the summer.”

In the meantime, “We’re going to give you all the information we have and hope that’s going to help you and help others,” she says.

It’s only been three weeks since the group’s creation, but they’re learning fast on the fly. “We were creating a bit of hysteria,” in the beginning, notes Bacher. “It was becoming such a frantic thing.”

Now their message is clear and calm: “It will happen, just keep following the page.”

For those new to the group, Bacher suggests going to the resource document first. “Every tip we ever compiled is in there. It’s at the top of the (Facebook) page.”

As for booking appointments, “You have to be persistent,” she adds. “It’s such a hard thing right now. Things aren’t going to be handed to you. But things will continue to get better.”

They now have a list of which providers are getting vaccines and how much they’re getting, and clinics are contacting her privately and offering her inside information. It all helps.

“Hang in there,” she says, ever the comforter.  “It’s coming and you will get it. Hold on just a little bit longer.”