Kennywood Wave Swing.

Pittsburghers know how special Kennywood Park is. But if we need further validation, Paul Ruben is the expert we need.

A Reader’s Digest online post titled “I’ve Been to Every Theme Park in America—And These 13 Are My Favorites,” is a compilation of Ruben’s best. And since he has been to 333 amusement parks around the globe and ridden 903 roller coasters, we can trust his opinion.

He says his quest started as an adult in the 1970s. “I was horrified to see some of my favorite childhood amusement parks being bulldozed to make room for new construction, and I decided to visit the parks and take pictures of the roller coasters, just so I had something to remember them by,” he says. “In total, I’ve been writing about amusement parks for 44 years, the last 31 of which have been for Park World magazine, where I’m the North American Editor.”

And Kennywood Park isn’t just on the list; it’s his “favorite traditional amusement park in the United States.”


“It reminds me of the amusement park I grew up going to in Buffalo, New York. It has rides with no particular theming, including some of the old-fashioned rides I loved back in my youth, like swings, bobsleds, and a swaying pirate ship. There’s also an arsenal of coasters that go from mild to wild. Start with the Jack Rabbit or Racer, don’t miss the Thunderbolt, and finish with Phantom’s Revenge. There are also several classic dark rides like Noah’s Ark and the Exterminator that are not to be missed.”

Read the full story here.

Brian Hyslop

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