Things to do in Lawrenceville
Photo by Rob Larson

Once again Pittsburgh is on the top of a cool list, but we feel doubly smug about it this time: Not only did we come in first (that means we’re the coolEST, right?), Pittsburgh is apparently so cool, we had to have two winners.

Lonely Planet and Time Magazine collaborated to pinpoint America’s coolest neighborhoods. Specifically, “if you’re looking to visit promising eateries, browse artisan products at local shops and sip some craft brews on your next vacation or work trip,” these are the places to go.

The winners when it comes to Pittsburgh — Lawrenceville and East Liberty — might seem like obvious choices to locals. Still, these nabes are in some interesting company. Case in point, Sunset Park, not Williamsburg, is the pick in Brooklyn. Avondale is the recommendation for Chicago, not, say, Wicker Park. At the very least, they’re directing tourists of these towns to branch out from places they may have already heard of.

Here’s what Time had to say about the ‘Burgh:

Cost to Spend a Week for Two: $2,448

This Pennsylvania steel town has reinvigorated its cool factor in recent years, with the influx of new bars, restaurants and hotels. “Pittsburgh won’t be the first American city to beep on your cool-o-meter, but its eastern neighborhoods might just be the sleeper hit your hipster sensibilities have been craving,” says travel writer and TV host Brandon Presser.

Speaking of hotels, check out the Ace Hotel in the East Liberty neighborhood. Housed in a former YMCA, the hotel kept the old-school gym where guests can play cornhole, ping pong and video games.

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