Photo of Mark Cuban from New York Post.

“Billionaire Mark Cuban announced on Twitter that he’s reimbursing all his employees who eat lunch at locally owned, independent restaurants amid the coronavirus outbreak,” reports the New York Post. The initiative to support local businesses during the time of coronavirus was first tweeted by the Pittsburgh company CivicScience, according to the article.

“We in! Just sent the email for Mavs and my companies. Anyone who buys from small local, independent (sorry big company-owned chains), will get reimbursed for their lunch and coffee/teas. We will start with this week and go from there,” Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, wrote to the Post.

“As most of us begin to work remotely, it’s crucial that we continue to support our community — especially small businesses. CivicScience will be reimbursing employees’ expenses from local establishments this week and we hope other companies do the same,” wrote CEO John Dick on Twitter and Facebook. His company, CivicScience, conducts polls on hundreds of topics to gather intelligent data for companies.

“Candidly, the money we’ll be saving on travel alone in the next month makes this a no-brainer,” wrote Dick in response to a reply on his Facebook post. “I’d bet most companies would reach the same conclusion if they thought about it.” He received dozens of comments on social media praising his action.

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