Speakers for the May 21 event

Manufacturing’s not what it used to be. Infused with the latest technology, it has been rebranded as advanced manufacturing. And it’s not only highly innovative and constantly changing but it’s also providing all kinds of opportunities in the way of jobs.

On Tuesday, May 21, we’re gathering with five innovators who will help us better understand the new world of advanced manufacturing — and how it will affect you. Join us at Alloy 26, from 8 to 10 am, for this informative and inspiring free event featuring five people who are changing the face of manufacturing in Pittsburgh.

Reserve your seat here to spend the morning with our panelists. Coffee and light breakfast will be available.

Ian Rosenberger is CEO of Thread, where they pull trash from the very poorest neighborhoods of the world and turn it into fabric — and where they believe in the power of work. Based in Homewood, Thread is now employing and training local residents to make backpacks out of recycled materials.

Chris Moehle founded the robotics-based venture capital fund The Robotics Hub with the goal of increasing the number of companies that tackle society’s most pressing challenges.

Rebecca Lucore is head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Covestro LLC, which has set ambitious sustainability goals, including using “purpose power” to make their workforce and communities more sustainable.

Tricia Breeger is GM of Electrical Power Products’ Uninterruptible Power Supplies Division of Mitsubishi, where the focus is on lean manufacturing and the technology behind it — where every movement, every operation is what’s exactly what is needed to support the outcome and no more. It’s a high-tech, no-waste movement of the future.

Arpan Shah is purchasing manager at Schroeder Industries, which is investing in leadership development of employees. As a participant in the leadership program, he will discuss why leadership is different today and the difference between being a boss and being a leader.

Petra Mitchell, president and CEO of Catalyst Connection, will moderate.

This event is generously underwritten by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.

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