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Election Day is nearly here. We’ve been hearing from many Pittsburghers that voting feels like a bigger priority than ever this year. So we’ve gathered some information you might need as you make plans to vote on Tuesday.

Don’t know whether you’re already registered? Find out here. Not sure where to vote in your neighborhood? Find out here. And if you have other questions (including questions about whether you need ID for voting), you can search here.

Nationwide, efforts are underway to encourage as many Americans as possible to vote this year. Locally, one NEXTpittsburgh reader is working on a get-out-the-vote campaign and she contacted us to say she wants as many people as possible to know about it.

As our community discusses the importance of embracing the right to vote, and as we cover the ongoing national efforts to encourage all Americans to have their voices heard in the form of their vote, we thought we’d share this message with you.

Dear NEXTpittsburgh readers,

Does the date Nov. 6 sound any alarms? On that day, we have the opportunity to choose our leaders. Midterms are coming. Will you be a voter?

I’m working with theSkimm on its No Excuses campaign, a nonpartisan effort to turn out 100,000 people to vote in the midterm election. To me, it’s important all people have the information they need to make an informed decision and actually vote.

I especially want the millennial generation to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Being a female millennial myself, I find it disheartening that 46 percent of female millennials say they are less likely to vote in the midterms than any other voting bloc when 73 percent of this same demographic are the most unhappy with the direction of the country (source: theSkimm first-party data).

So, here’s our moment. Unhappy? Let’s do something about it. Let’s use our collective voices to redirect our country into something better.

Every voice is important. Every voice has power. Every voice is in the vote. When people vote, democracy thrives. This matters for me. This matters for you. This matters for everyone.

See you there: 11.6.18. No Excuses. Vote.

Make it official and join us. Commit your vote here.


Liz Simison
Pittsburgh, Pa.
South Side resident

NEXT guest writer

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