Trust Oasis. Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

If you’re looking for a break from the Downtown hustle or you just enjoy carousels, check out Trust Oasis, a new project from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Located at 133 7th Street on property owned and managed by the Trust, the Oasis is a public space dedicated to showcasing limited runs of interactive art pieces.

The Cultural Trust describes the project as “a pop-up arts experience featuring temporary installations designed to enliven your visit to Downtown and contribute to our city’s tradition of infusing art into everyday living.”

The site made its public debut last week during the Trust’s Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District. The inaugural artwork (check it out above and below) to be featured is “Los Trompos,” created by the Mexico-based artists Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena.

“The concept behind ‘Los Trompos’ is based on an approach of traditional toys, their colorful expression and the way they are constructed,” Esrawe explained. “We wanted to talk about the traditions and skills of the craftsmen in Mexico, as an inheritance of our culture. We like the idea of translating these techniques into new symbols.”

Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

First presented in Pittsburgh at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in June, “Los Trompos” is a series of large, top-like carousel structures designed in the style of traditional Mexican weaving. Both beautiful and sturdy, the carousels are constructed to be spun and ridden by visitors to the oasis.

“Only through this interaction and collaboration will the work come to life and be complete,” said Cadena.

Located next to Proper Brick Over & Tap Room, the site is a short walk from a number of the Cultural Trust’s other public artworks, including the 7th and Penn Parklet and the thirst-quenching Water Cube.

“Los Trompos” is open every day from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. The pop-up will run until mid-December, followed by additional artworks to be announced soon. Stay tuned to NEXT for more info.

Bill O'Toole

Bill O'Toole was a full-time reporter for NEXTpittsburgh until October, 2019. He previously reported in Myanmar.