Tom Hanks portraying one of America’s most cherished icons, Mister Rogers, on the set of TriStar Pictures' "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Photo by Lacey Terrell used by permission from Sony Pictures/Tristar.

The lists are getting more and more specific. Pittsburgh isn’t just a great city for living. Or for working. Or for eating fabulous meals.

It’s also one of America’s best cities to live in and work in if you’re a filmmaker, according to the film industry magazine MovieMaker.

On their newly released list — The Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2019: Small Cities and Towns
— Pittsburgh ranked fourth after Savannah, New Orleans and Santa Fe.

“Bolstered by a nearly 30-year-old Film Office that serves Pittsburgh and 10 counties in Western Pennsylvania with high enthusiasm, Steel City continues to be on an upswing as a film production hub,” MovieMaker writes. “Netflix was in town shooting season two of Mindhunter while the Tom Hanks-starring Mr. Rogers film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood also began filming in the fall. CBS All-Access also recently chose Pittsburgh to film the pilot season of the rust-belt mystery series One Dollar.

Beyond measuring “a city’s film activity in 2018 (number of productions, economic activity generated, shoot durations),” MovieMaker considered things like infrastructure (which they describe as “health of film commissions and nonprofits, number of film schools and VFX houses”) and “local luminaries.”

They also factored in population, geographical size, state and local incentive programs, “ease of movement and traffic” and feedback from people working in the film industry in each city.

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