“Individuals like me and people I’ve interacted with want someone in the state house that you don’t have to [protest against] just to have a common sense decision made. I want that door to be open. Let’s craft policy together.”

The self-declared “professional generalist” has made a career of communicating community issues—from local food supply and community gardens to the city’s affordable housing crisis—in an accessible way. As the founder of the social good marketing firm Innamo Co., she heads into her 2018 election against current state rep Dom Costa bringing a lengthy history of experience in communication expertise.    

Innamorato says there simply hasn’t been enough creativity and openness from Costa in how his office engages the community.

“I want to see more public servants who are elected officials, and a key component of that is [bringing] everyone with you, not just special interest groups.”

Innamorato seeks to bring community engagement to problems of policy as well. She believes core policy issues and broader, systemic issues—like the lack of women in elected office—can be broken down by taking a new approach, and by putting people with knowledge in places to contribute.

She says that having a well-rounded perspective requires bringing knowledgeable people to the table. That combined with community engagement can get to the common sense nature of the most contentious issues.

“We all want to feel safe and provide for ourselves and our families in a meaningful way. When you talk about universal health care, that may alienate people who say ‘oh, taxes, I don’t want that.’ But when you’re talking to people one-on-one about what they want, and how comfortable people feel with their ability to be able to pay for a medical emergency, getting sick shouldn’t be a sentence to economic distress.”

As her campaign kicks into gear, expect to see Innamorato in neighborhoods throughout the 21st District holding constant conversations with residents, from Sharpsburg to Bloomfield, and meeting with experts to develop policy.