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Sometimes the world feels like a mess, and often, social media only makes that worse. But last night, Deadspin found some solace in it, and in Pittsburgh.

Writer Lauren Theisen must have been having a pretty bad day. Over at Deadspin, she typically writes about sports (which makes sense, considering that’s mostly what that site covers) but apparently her mind was on other things. She wrote, quite simply:

Puerto Rico is struggling to stay alive.

Powerful men can still be predators.

There might be a serial killer in Florida.

Let’s just take a second to appreciate this scene from Pittsburgh.

Yep, that was the entire text of the article, but beneath it was a post from Instagram-famous Pittsburgh photographer Dave DiCello. “There’s Still Some Beauty In The World, And It’s In Pittsburgh,” Theisen titled her piece.

DiCello had caught the double rainbow that stretched across Pittsburgh yesterday, and truly, his photo is quite a sight. It may not solve the world’s problems, but for a moment, it made Theisen feel a whole lot better.

“I very, very much loved that photo,” Theisen told us, “and it made me feel good to look at it, and I wanted other people to see! I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can do that.”

And hey, we really do look pretty, don’t we?

Check out more from Lauren Theisen here, including her story on why the NHL didn’t want America to see the Penguins game last night.

Ali Trachta

Ali Trachta joyfully returned home to Pittsburgh after a long stint at LA Weekly. Most recently she served as its online editor as well as digital strategist for its parent company, Voice Media Group, which owns seven alt-weekly newspapers. She lives in Stanton Heights with her husband and little boy.