Photo and book cover image courtesy of Rossilynne Culgan.

On a daily basis, NEXTpittsburgh brings you the details on the coolest things to do, places to go and experiences to have in Pittsburgh — a constant feed of digital info that helps you make the most of your days and nights here.

But if you’re craving a paperback, bucket list guide to carry around as you explore the city, our friend (and director of The Incline) Rossilynne Culgan has you covered with her new book.

“100 Things To Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die,” a second edition published last month by Reedy Press, is a book for “long-time Pittsburghers as well as visitors,” Rossilynne tells us.

“The book mixes the classics (think Primanti Bros., the inclines and Point State Park) with some hidden gems (like Meadowcroft, the Bayernhof and Fall Run Park),” she says.

“For people who grew up in this area, as I did, a lot of times, we say, ‘I’ve always wanted to do that thing or go to that place or eat that food,’ and we put it off year after year. I am guilty of that, too. Researching this book helped me check things off my own Pittsburgh bucket list, and I hope this guide will encourage people to get out and explore our city.”

In addition to her master list of things to do, the book includes sample itineraries divided by season and by subject matter (ideas for the family, for history buffs, etc).

Among her suggestions: Rock out on Banjo Night “at an unassuming Elks Lodge on the North Side,” bring a picnic brunch to the pop-up garden party on summer Sundays at the Mellon Park Rose Garden, and discover the waterfalls at (aptly named) Fall Run Park.

For 97 more cool ideas, get a signed copy directly from Rossilynne here. Or join her at an event to talk about all things Pittsburgh and pick up a copy in person.

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