Adam Nelson, owner of the Pittsburgh-based wilderness gear company, Daggerfish, grew up in the Great Outdoors thanks to his dad’s job as a National Park ranger.

His business, which he launched in 2019, specializes in compact fishing rods made from natural materials. There are no moving parts, so even novices can learn to cast and reel in about five minutes. He feels that once people catch on, they’ll be hooked … possibly for a lifetime.

Even if he doesn’t have time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Nelson will put a Daggerfish in his back pocket and head to a pond in Highland Park to catch bluegills and catfish.

“I created this product because I wanted to learn how to fish,” he says. “I never felt like fishing was for me. I had to buy so much stuff and learn so much stuff. It was intimidating. I’m still exploring and learning along with my customers.”