Nick Navari
Screen shot from music video by Nick Navari.

Nick Navari was on a mission. To lift spirits during this dark time, so he set out to do a video titled “Dear Pittsburgh,” a love letter to his city.

He played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” in 28 locations in town, from Blue Slide Park to the Cathedral of Learning, taking turns with a guitar, keyboards and drums.

“I’ve lived in Pittsburgh my entire life, and have always had a great love for this town,” says Navari, an investment research analyst at Hefren-Tillotson as well as a musician. “In my free time, I like working on creative projects like this one.  I made the video because I really wanted to send a positive message to the city.

“Pittsburgh always seems to have a knack for coming out of tough situations stronger, and I think we’ve already seen many ways in the current crisis where that is true. To me, ‘Dear Pittsburgh’ serves as just another boost of encouragement to help get us safely across the finish line, whenever that may be.”

The video took about two weeks to make, he notes, from recording the song to making the final edits, but the filming at all 28 locations took five days with the help of his camera crew, his parents.

Take a look and see if this doesn’t lift your spirits.

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